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Marianne Johansson has successfully combined the simplicity and the functional design of her native Sweden with the "primitive" forms experienced in her travels. This, together with academic work, has resulted in jewelry as a collectible. A style that is timeless yet contemporary; jewelry equally exciting in formal or casual setting.

.A.B Univ. of California Berkeley Department of Design (specialized in Textiles) Graduate school univ.of  Calif. Berkeley, Dramatic Arts (costume design) Masters of fine Arts Univ. of Guanajuato, Mexico, major Sculpture and Jewelry (thesis Sculptures to wear)

I taught natural dyeing of textiles and off loom technique at the Berkeley univ., worked on several Operas and Shakesperian productions such as metal ornaments for the Operas Electra and on Philip Glass " Akhenaten performed at the Metropolian opera.

My jewelry has been sold at Nedra matteucci gallery in Santa Fe New Mexico for the last 18 years. At this time I have my  Gallery in my home in San Miguel De Allende Mexico.

I work in ebony that I get from my trips to Cuba and I by red amber and very rarely do I get green amber from the southern part of Mexico,I  also use the famous mexican fire opals and the legal ivory thats comes from the wolly  mammoth which is extint animal.

I like my style to be timeless but at the same time unique and exciting, jewelry that can be worn in formal as well incasual  settings.

Since my background is also in textiles Ilke to use textile tecniques w/ metals, metals spun as thin as hair and w/ combining several strands it becomes soft and playable as can be seen in the pictures of my hats made from 24 carat gold and fine silver, copper and enamelled wire

I created a scullcap (zucchetto) that was accepted  as a gift for Pope John Paul the 2nd. when he visited San-fransisco 1987. This scullcap is now part of the Smithsonian Institution.